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Reba amafoto ya Rihanna ari kumwe n’umukunzi we mushya yacicikanye ku isi yose




Umuhanzikazi Rihanna ku munsi w’ejo yashyize hanze amafoto ari kumwe n’umusore w’umuherwe cyane bivugwa ko ari umwe mu bafite imigabane muri sosiyete ikomeye cyane ya TOYOTA.

Speaking in tongues: Rihanna indulged in a steamy make-out session with Saudi heir Hassan Jameel on Tuesday as she enjoyed a vacation in Spain

Hot and heavy: The duo looked extremely comfortable in each other's company

Time to get a room! The identity of Rihanna's man has been revealed after their pool frolic

New boyfriend? It's been a while since Rihanna has been romantically linked to anyone

Just the two of us: The star hasn't had a serious relationship since ex Chris Brown

Chill out time: Riri clutched a glass of champagne as she relaxed in a hot tub

Handsy: The duo were all smiles as they embraced in the pool

Businessman: Hassan's family own the rights to the Toyota car dealership and are one of the biggest companies in the world

Umuherwe witwa Hassan bivugwa ko ariwe mukunzi mushya wa Rihanna

Nkuko tubikesha dailymail, Rihanna na Hassan bamaze gutangaza bidasubirwaho ko bari mu rukundo nyuma yo gusangiza abakunzi babo amafoto barimo kugirana ibihe byiza

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