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A woman was fined more than 10 million after cheating on a man who offered her a university education.

A court in western Uganda has dismissed the appeal of a woman who was fined 10.4 million Ugandan shillings (about 3 million Frw) because she refused to live with the man who had loaned her a university education as promised.

According to The Monitor, a Ugandan newspaper, on Tuesday, the Kanungu Court ruled that Fortunate Kyarikunda’s appeal was dismissed because she changed her earlier testimony.

Kyarikunda’s defense team said they were not satisfied with the court’s decision and planned to appeal, claiming that their side was not being heard.

On the other hand, Richard Tumwiine, who accused the woman of cheating on him, stated that he was satisfied with the court’s decision and that the court had awarded him what was rightfully determined, according to the newspaper.

Written by YEGOB HIT

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