Dore amafoto atangaje ya Barack Obama utigeze ubona na rimwe mu gihe amaze ayobora USA

Mu gihe Obama yaraye yakiriye Donald Trump uzamusimbura ku kazi katoroshye ko kuyobora Leta Z’unze ubumwe z’Amerika, umugabo wari ushinzwe kumufotora witwa Pete Souza yashyize hanze amafoto atangaje yagiye amafotora mu myaka 8 ishize ayobora Amerika.

Ihere ijisho :

Bristol, Virginia - July 29, 2009. President Barack Obama eats a nectarine following a town hall meeting at Kroger's Supermarket
Bristol, Virginia – July 29, 2009
May 8, 2009. Obama bends over so the son of a White House staff member can pat his head during a visit to the Oval Office
May 8, 2009 Obama Yunamiye umwana w’umwe mu bakozi ba White House kugirango amukore mu misatsi
April 13, 2009.Obama runs down a corridor with the family's new dog, Bo, a six-month old portuguese water dog, in the White House in Washington, DC. Bo is a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy and his wife Victoria to the President's daughters, Sasha and Malia
April 13, 2009
January 20, 2009. 'We were on a freight elevator headed to one of the Inaugural Balls. It was quite chilly, so the President removed his tuxedo jacket and put it over the shoulders of his wife. Then they had a semi-private moment as staff member and Secret Service agents tried not to look'
January 20, 2009! Abakozi ba Obama bari babuze aho bareba
August 9, 2010. Obama puts his toe on the scale as Trip Director Marvin Nicholson tries to weigh himself during a hold in the volleyball locker room at the University of Texas in Austin
August 9, 2010! Marvin Nicholson yarimo agerageza kwipima ibiro maze Obama akandagira ku munzani undi atabizi abantu baraseka cyane
July 14, 2012. 'The President delivers remarks in the pouring rain at a campaign event in Glen Allen, Va. He was supposed to do a series of press interviews inside before his speech, but since people had been waiting for hours in the rain he did his remarks as soon as he arrived at the site so people could go home to dry off'
July 14, 2012. Aho Obama yarimo yiyamamariza Manda ya kabiri. byari biteganijwe ko agomba kubanza kuganira n’abanyamakuru akabona kubwira ijambo abaturage gusa ahageza yasanze imvura imeze nabi nuko ahitamo kubanza kubwira abaturage ijambo yari yabageneye kugirango batahe bajye kwiyugamira
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, along with members of the national security team, receive an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House, May 1, 2011
Obama n’anadi bayobozi bakomeye muri USA bari gukurikira iby’iyicwa rya Osama Bin Laden! May 1, 2011
President Barack Obama shares his strawberry pie with a boy during a lunch stop at Kozy Corners restaurant in Oak Harbor, Ohio, July 5, 2012
July 5, 2012
October 26, 2012. Obama pretends to be caught in Spider-Man's web as he greets Nicholas Tamarin, 3, just outside the Oval Office. Spider-Man had been trick-or-treating for an early Halloween with his father, White House aide Nate Tamarin
October 26, 2012 Aho Obama yari ari gukina n’umwana w’imyaka itatu muri White House
May 25, 2012. 'The President was welcoming service members and their families to a screening of Men in Black 3 in the White House Family Theater. The movie was being presented in 3D, so the President jokingly asked them to try on their 3D glasses while he was speaking to them'
May 25, 2012! Obama yari yatumiye abakoze bo muri White House n’imiryango yabo ngo baze barebane filime yitwa Men In Black 3
February 2009. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama dance while the band Earth, Wind and Fire performs at the Governors' Ball
February 2009! Obama arimo kubyinana n’umufashawe yanezerewe cyane
President Barack Obama shares a pizza dinner with individuals who wrote letters to him, at the Wazee Supper Club in Denver, Coloorado, July 8, 2014
July 8, 2014
President Barack Obama plays with a football in the Oval Office on August 23, 2009 
August 23, 2009
January 20, 2009. 'President-elect Barack Obama was about to walk out to take the oath of office. Backstage at the U.S. Capitol, he took one last look at his appearance in the mirror'
January 20, 2009 Obama arimo yireba m ndorerwa mbere yo kujya kuvuga ijambo
President Barack Obama, Eric Holder and US officers attends a ceremony at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware, October 29, 2009, for the dignified transfer of 18 U.S. personnel who died in Afghanistan
October 29, 2009
Visiting the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 20, 2011 
March 20, 2011
May 31, 2010. 'The skies opened up on Memorial Day outside of Chicago. When the lightning began, the Secret Service told the President that it was too dangerous to proceed. He took the stage by himself and informed the audience that his speech was canceled and that for everyone's safety, they should return to their busses. Later, he boarded a few of the busses to thank them for attending and apologized for not being able to speak'
May 31, 2010
June 4, 2015. 'At the President's insistence, Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes brought his daughter Ella by for a visit. As she was crawling around the Oval Office, the President got down on his hands and knees to look her in the eye'
June 4, 2015
December 4, 2015. 'The President acquiesced to a selfie with 11-year-old Jacob Haynes and four-year-old James Haynes after taking a family photograph with departing White House staffer Heather Foster'
December 4, 2015
President Barack Obama has lunch with Rebekah Erler at Matt's Bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 26, 2014. Erler, then a 36-year-old working wife and mother of two pre-school aged boys, had written the President a letter about economic difficulties
June 26, 2014
President Obama rides to the family quarters at the end of Inauguration Day 2009 in this photograph
Inauguration Day 2009
November 15, 2012. 'The President had just met with the U.S. Olympics gymnastics team, who because of a previous commitment had missed the ceremony earlier in the year with the entire U.S. Olympic team. The President suggested to McKayla Maroney that they recreate her "not impressed" photograph before they departed'
November 15, 2012
April 24, 2012. Obama and Jimmy Fallon are briefed on the Slow Jam the News segment backstage before taping at the University of North Carolina Memorial Hall in Chapel Hill, North Carolina 
April 24, 2012
January 1, 2012. 'A nice way to celebrate the New Year for the President was to jump in the ocean in his native state of Hawaii. He was on his annual Christmas vacation with family and friends, and went swimming at Pyramid Rock Beach in Kaneohe Bay'
January 1, 2012
February 14, 2013. 'The President genuinely enjoys being with kids. Here, he played a magnifying glass game with children during a visit to a pre-kindergarten classroom at the College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center in Decatur, Georgia'
February 14, 2013
President Barack Obama, joined by Chief of Staff Denis McDonough's daughter, carries a birthday cake to surprise McDonough in his West Wing office, on December 2, 2013
December 2, 2013
May 26, 2013. The President and members of the White House staff look out the window of Air Force One to view tornado damage over Moore, Oklahoma. After landing at Tinker Air Base, the President did a walking tour of the damage and met with those affected'
May 26, 2013
March 7, 2015. 'iI was moving around trying to capture different scenes away from the stage during the event to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the Selma to Montgomery civil rights marches. When I glanced back towards the stage, I noticed the President and First Lady holding hands as they listened to the remarks of Rep. John Lewis. I managed to squeeze off a couple of frames before they began to applaud, and the moment was gone'
March 7, 2015
March 7, 2015. 'For Presidential trips, I usually have another White House photographer accompany me so he or she can preset with the press and obtain angles that I can't, as I usually stay close to the President. Lawrence Jackson made this iconic image from the camera truck as the First Family joined others in beginning the walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge'
March 7, 2015
March 4, 2014. 'The President was visiting a classroom at Powell Elementary School in Washington, D.C. A young boy was using a stethoscope during the class, and as the President was about to leave the room, the President asked him to check his heartbeat'
March 4, 2014
June 14, 2013. Obama with a young boy who had fallen asleep during the Father's Day ice cream social in the State Dining Room of the White House
June 14, 2013
President Barack Obama visits with a departing United States Secret Service agent and his wife as their son dives into a couch in the Oval Office, June 23, 2014
June 23, 2014

President Obama appears in deep thought as he and senior adviser David Axelrod listen during a climate change meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. A moment later, he was 'laughing at a humorous exchange'.

August 15, 2012. 'The President hugs the First Lady after she had introduced him at a campaign event in Davenport, Iowa. The campaign tweeted a similar photo from the campaign photographer on election night and a lot of people thought it was taken on election day'
August 15, 2012
December 7, 2015. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld knocks on the Oval Office window to begin a segment for his series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
December 7, 2015
November 24, 2015. 'With the U.S. Marine Band playing the score from the movie, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, the President feigns riding a bicycle in the sky as happened in the 1982 movie directed by Steven Spielberg, who had just been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom'
November 24, 2015
June 17, 2015. The President carries the twin boys of Katie Beirne Fallon, Director of Legislative Affairs, into the Oval Office just a few months after they were born
June 17, 2015
Oct. 30, 2015. 'This is the first time the same child has made two appearances in the Year in Photos. But it was difficult to not again include Ella Rhodes, daughter of Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, after the President lifted her in her elephant costume that she was wearing for a Halloween event at the White House'
Oct. 30, 2015
February 11, 2014. 'Ever the gentleman, the President helps the First Lady off the stage after she thanked the White House chefs during the State Dinner for President François Hollande of France on the South Lawn of the White House'
February 11, 2014
December 3, 2009. Obama fist-bumps custodian Lawrence Lipscomb in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building following the opening session of the White House Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth
December 3, 2009

April 9, 2015. The President's wave aligns with a rainbow as he boards Air Force One at Norman Manley International Airport prior to departure from Kingston, Jamaica
April 9, 2015


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