## Overview

At YEGOB, we are committed to providing a safe and respectful platform for our user community, where content adheres to our community guidelines, complies with applicable laws, and maintains a positive environment. This document outlines the process through which users can report content they find inappropriate, offensive, or in violation of our policies or local legislation.

### Objectives

Protect our community: Ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all users.
Comply with laws: Ensure all content shared on YEGOB complies with local and international laws.
Maintain high standards:Ensure that content, including Rwandan and Burundian music, news, and podcasts, is of high quality and appropriate.

## How to Report Content

1. Identify the Content: Locate the content you wish to report. This could be a song, a news article, a podcast, or any other type of content available on the YEGOB app.

2. Use the Report Feature: Click on the “Report” button or icon near the content. If you can’t find a report button, go to the help menu for specific instructions on how to report content.

3. Select a Reason: Choose the reason you are reporting the content from the options provided. If none of the options accurately describe your concern, select “Other” and provide a detailed description.

4. Provide Details (optional): To assist our moderation team in assessing the report, you may provide additional details or explanations about how the content violates our policies.

5. Submit the Report: After selecting the reason for the report and providing any additional information, submit your report for review by our team.

## Review Process

Once content is reported, our moderation team reviews the report through the following steps:

1. Initial Review: We assess the report to determine if the reported content requires further investigation.

2. Investigation: We review the content in question, considering the nature of the report, community guidelines, and applicable laws.

3. Action: Depending on the findings of our investigation, we may take various actions, ranging from removing the content to temporarily or permanently suspending the account of the user who posted the inappropriate content.

4. Notification: We inform the user who reported the content of the actions taken, to the extent that it respects our privacy policy and applicable laws.

## Community Engagement

We encourage all YEGOB users to actively participate in protecting our community by reporting any content that does not uphold our values or policies. Your vigilance helps us maintain a safe and welcoming platform for everyone.

## Contact Us

If you have questions about the reporting process or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team through the contact options provided in the app.