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Umukunzi wa Miss Balbine Mutoni yagize icyo avuga ku ifoto ye iherutse kujya hagaragara yambaye ubusa

Kuwa kabiri w’iki cyumweru turimo dusoza nibwo Miss Mutoni Balbine yacitswe maze ashyira kuri snpchat ifoto ye yiyambariye uko Imana yamuremye maze nyuma aza kuyisiba ndetse anasaba imbabazi ku bantu bamukurikira avugako yacitswe atari yabigambiriye.


Nubwo Balbine yaje gusiba iyo foto birumvikana yari yamaze kubonwa n’abantu batari bake ndetse byanavuyemo inkuru zanditswe ku binyamakuru byinshi bitandukanye bya hano mu Rwanda.

Uyu munsi rero umukunzi wa Balbine, ariwe Arsene Kwitonda akaba yagize icyo avuga ku byabaye kuri Balbine yifashishije Instagram aho yagize ati :”

I am normally not the type to preach hate. I prefer Love and support to our fellows followed by understanding. This goes to y’all that have been condemning others for their mistakes, It is not fair, “you should always look at your hand and realise that when you point a finger at someone, there are 3 more left in your hand pointing at you, all this means is, first take a look at yourself before you judge” (reflect on this deeply) These days people are so focused on letting others down , I say it’s cause they wanna be who those people are.. It is so bad that we have reached a point where even the media wants to only show content that takes other people down ,that makes them fall yet they are the ones who are supposed to get your back. They can never show you doing anything good ,you may feed 10,000 people, hell you may even save someone’s life and no one will care, because apparently that’s not interesting and it won’t get them no views or traffic. But try making a mistake and see, the whole world is gonna know.. Is this really where we are heading people??? Shouldn’t we be more focused on supporting each other and growing to a better world? People are so invested in other people’s lives that they almost don’t have theirs..It’s really sad and sick. It’s their life man, don’t you have your life to live?? If you know you’re one of those people that spend most of your life commenting about someone’s issue on social media ,Question your life, It’s high time you reevaluate your priorities. I would go on all day but I believe those who have some sense understood. But for now I say , to You ‘all, (you know yourselves) …. 👉👉” NICE TRY , NOW GO GET A REAL LIFE .

Written by YegoB

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