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Jennifer Lopez yahuye n’uruva gusenya (amafoto)


Jennifer Lopez yahuye n’uruva gusenya (amafoto)

Umuririmbyikazi Jennifer Lopez ku munsi wa kane ubwo yarari mu gitaramo mu mujyi wa Las Vegas yagize ikibazo cy’imibyinire yitura hasi bitangaza benshi bibaza ibyamubayeho barashoberwa.

On the floor! Jennifer Lopez got a little too bendy during a dance routine in Las Vegas on Thursday night

Ouch: The 47-year-old was literally bent over backwards mid-song when her backing dancers rushed over to hoist her back the right way up

It ain't funny: The mother-of-two appeared to give a little more than all she had, seemingly getting stuck in a rather compromising position

You okay? The look of concern on the faces of her dancers - clad in sparkling orange sequinned suits - was unmistakable as they grabbed an arm each

Uyu muririmbyikazi yituye hasi arimo kuririmba aha ababyinnyi be nibo bari baje kumuhagurutsa gusa nabo ntibabashije kumenya impamvu Jennifer Lopez yituye hasi atararangiza kuririmba dore ko imbyino yabyinaga asanzwe n’ubundi ayibyina ntagire icyo aba.


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